Friday, 27 September 2013

Mental health training in Somaliland - Day 9

Thursday 26th September

Again, a participant starts the day for us by re-capping on the previous days activities and exercises. I am pleased with the groups feedback and their delivery of this to their peers. There is an incredible respect shown between member of the group, which makes for a safe and enjoyable learning environment for them all, something that is integral when running a course of this kind. The participant led teaching session today concentrates on using OSCE/ role as a teaching technique. This has not always been used here, though is one that doctors and students enjoy and is also an incredibly helpful teaching method as it tests many different skills at the same time. The groups work well in a team and prove that they have thought about their teaching, organisational leadership and presentation skills. We visit the mental ward at the hospital for the third time this week. Each day a different doctor has led the teaching on the ward and each day they are met with new and different challenges of teaching in a clinical environment. This is useful, as they appreciate that it is not always as simple as it sounds in theory. The fact that they have practiced these skills all week has really led to them getting a feel for the challenges of each, something that is very difficult to appreciate just through learning about the theory.