Monday, 28 October 2013

Mental Health Training in Somaliland - Day 31

Monday 21st October

This morning we attended Dr. Walhad’s teaching workshop in the university faculty, and then together we prepare things for teaching tomorrow. Later in the day, we are joined by another doctor from the UK, who will co-teach during the next two weeks. As a team, we all meet together in the evening, to plan the first day tomorrow. It is great to be in a big team of teachers this time, with many of the co-tutors having just been participants on the TOT courses. I am positive about the teaching and we all look forward to it. The students have all arrived from Hargeisa and are warmly welcomed by their peers from Amoud University. For many of them, this will be the first time they have been out of Hargeisa and as well as this being a learning experience, it is also the opportunity for them to mix with their peers and make new friends and future colleagues. I am always impressed by just how much effort both students and faculty makes to welcome visitors to their town and University, and it happens in both Hargeisa and Borama. I also feel truly welcomed, though more like a familiar face when they say I am now like a ‘doctor of Borama.'