Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mental health training in Somaliland - Day 18

Monday 7th October

We begin the second TOT training today. There are a few teething problems, such as lacking a working projector, which stalls things momentarily, though it is necessary to just keep on. It is often necessary in this kind of work to be flexible and adaptable and these are certainly the words of the day! Again, it is great to see students who are now graduated as doctors. The group seems strong, with a few a nurses too, which adds to the richness of the group. I am impressed with Dr. Jibriil’s teaching skills; he has clearly been doing much teaching here in the time since I last saw him. I am also very pleased to have Dr. Layla in the group, a member of the mental health group. Alongside her is Dr. Zainab, a new doctor who is the second mental health representative this year, and shall be taking a lead role in teaching of the 5th year medical students in a couple of weeks.